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With an event template, two distinct pages can be designed. The first page contains the subscription form with all dates, the detail page contains more information about a single event date.

event_index.php Main page with subscription form
event_detail.php Detail page for individual info to event dates

Event Tags

Usable in both event_index.php and event_detail.php.

<!--EVENT_TITLE//--> Will be replaced with the title of the event or of an event date.
<!--EVENT_OPENER//--> Will be replaces with the teaser text of the event.
<!--EVENT_PICTURE//--> Will be replaced with the URL for the event image.
<!--CUSTOM:num//--> Up to 10 custom fields can be defined (event custom fields are setup in event_config.xml).

Event Index

The main page of an event is contained by event_index.php. It shows the form created at the event's website and handles the subscription.

Tags usable in event_index.php

<!--FEEDBACK//--> Will be replaced with success and error messages, when applicable.
<!--EVENT_FORM_BEGIN//--> Defines begin and end of the HTML-Code for the registration form. Everything between these tags will not be shown, after successful registration.
<!--EVENT_FORM//--> Will be replaced with the registration form of the event.
<!--EVENT_BUTTON_SUBSCRIBE//--> Will be replaced with the submit button.
<!--EVENT_BUTTON_CANCEL//--> Will be replaced with the cancel button.
<!--EVENT_LINK_SUBSCRIBE_OTHER//--> Will be replaced with an anchor link to empty subscrition form.
<!--EVENT_LINK_SUBSCRIBE_OTHER_URL//--> Will be replaced with URL to empty subscrition form.

Example event_index.php

<div class="container">

  <img src="<!--EVENT_PICTURE//-->" width="100%" border="0">

    <h1 class="title ep-event-title"><!--EVENT_TITLE//--></h1>

    <p class="text ep-event-opener"><!--EVENT_OPENER//--></p>

    <p class="feedback"><!--FEEDBACK//--></p>

    <div class="ep-form-container">
      <div class="mod_form_buttons">


Event Detail

If an event has multiple dates, event_detail.php is used as landing page of a single event date. If a description is set to an event, the link "Details" will appear, linking to the landing page of the event date.

Tags usable in event_detail.php

<!--EVENTITEM_DESCRIPTION//--> Will be replaced with the description of the event.
<!--EVENTITEM_DATE//--> Will be replaced with the START-date of the event.
<!--EVENTITEM_DATETILL//--> Will be replaced with the END-Date of the event.
<!--EVENTITEM_TIME//--> Will be replaced with the START-time of the event.
<!--EVENTITEM_TIMETILL//--> Will be replaced with the END-time of the event.
<!--EVENTITEM_LOCATION//--> Will be replaced with the location of the event.
<!--EVENTITEM_STATUS//--> Will be replaced with the state of the user (registered, canceled, etc.).

Example event_detail.php

<div class="container">

    <h1 class="title ep-event-title"><!--EVENT_TITLE//--></h1>

    <p class="text ep-event-info">
      <span class="ep-info-date">

      <span class="ep-info-time">

      <span class="ep-info-location"><!--EVENTITEM_LOCATION//--></span><br>

      <span class="ep-success ep-info-status">Event status: <!--EVENTITEM_LOCATION//--></span><br>

    <p class="text ep-event-opener"><!--EVENTITEM_DESCRIPTION//--></p>


Event Config XML

Event custom fields and snipplets are defined in event_config.xml.

Info: You can use customfield and snipplet options from config XML

Event CSS Classes

The following classes can be used to style generated form elements in event subscription form.

CSS Class used for
.form_item_template_1 wrapper table of a vertical element
.form_item_template_3 wrapper table of a horizontal element
.title container of headline and title of fields
.text container of text and fields
.col column of table
Form elements:
.feld form all input fields
.mod_formitem_field single line text input (not address data field)
.mod_formitem_textarea multi line text input
.mod_formitem_select dropdown input
.mod_formitem_textarea multi line text input
.mod_formitem_option container of radio/checkbox
.ep-radio-container container of radio input
.ep-checkbox-container container of checkbox input
.ep-checkbox-single container of single checkbox input
.mod_form_button form button
.mod_formitem_title title of input fields
.mod_formitem_description desctiption text for fields
.mod_formitem_text text elements
.ep-file-upload file input field
.ep-label label of radio/checkbox
.ep-conditions container of conditions checkbox
.gallery container of gallery
.readonly disabled input
Event dates:
.ep-event-item-list container of event date(s)
.ep-container container of all event date information
.ep-container-input container of event date checkbox
.ep-event-item-list-title container of event date title
.ep-event-item-list-infos container of event date, time and location
.ep-eventitem-action container of event date actions and status
.ep-container-hasescort container of event date escort options
.ep-event-item-list-actions container of event date detail link
.ep-container-ics container of event date calender file link

Advanced controlls

Most tags above can be combined with IF/IFNOT controlls. If you need more options to manipulate the template according to specific states, you can use the following tags:

<!--IF:EVENT_TYPESUBSCRIBEOTHER_DEACTIVATED//--> Check for settings Subscribe Other
<!--IF:EVENT_TYPESUBSCRIBEOTHER_REGISTRATION//--> Check if current subscription form is via Subscribe Other
<!--IF:EVENT_MULTIPLEDATES//--> Check if event hast multiple dates
<!--IF:EVENT_STATUS_SUBSCRIBED//--> Check if person has subscribed
<!--IF:EVENT_STATUS_SUBSCRIBED_WAITINGLIST//--> Check if person is on waitinglist
<!--IF:EVENT_STATUS_CANCEL//--> Check if person has canceled
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