Last Update: 2022-10-11

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Description of XML-Tags:
Element Format Description
↳ datefrom YYYY-mm-dd Beginning of the desired date range
↳ datetill YYYY-mm-dd Optional; End of the desired date range. If not specified, the current date will be set.
↳ public0|1published for rss feed (no value gets all)
↳ reportnone|live|archiveDefault=live; Include report data in response (archive will get nightly calculated data which is more performant)


  <newsletter id="">
Description of XML-Tags:
Element Format Description
newsletter->title varchar(255) Newsletter title
newsletter->titleinternal varchar(255) Newsletter internal title
newsletter->senddatetime YYYY-mm-dd HH:ii:ss DateTime when the newsletter was sent
newsletter->type varchar(32) Newsletter type
newsletter->language varchar(2) Newsletter language
newsletter->previewurl varchar(255) Unpersonalized preview URL
newsletter->planned int(10) Number of planned recipients
newsletter->deliveryrate % Delivery rate
newsletter->bouncerate % Bounce rate
newsletter->viewrate % View rate
newsletter->clickrate % Click rate
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